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A Meeting each Sunday Morning for children and young people 0 – 18 years

TGIS means Thank God It’s Sunday.           

Our aim:  To share the difference that Jesus makes in our lives with the next generation.

Our Commitment:   To provide a safe and friendly space for all

Why do we do it?  For enjoyment ….. ~To give back to the church ….. To share what we have learnt ….. Because we want the children to have the chance to learn as we did, and continue to do so ….. we have a passion for it.  

Why do the children and young people come?     “I enjoy it” ….. “I like to meet my friends” ….. “I like the biscuits afterwards” ….. “I want to learn more about my faith” ….. “I want to be able to ask questions safely”

When do we meet?   10:30 am on a Sunday morning.  We worship together with the adults at the start of the service and then go into the halls to enjoy our own activities. 

The Fireflies    –   We are aged 0 to 3 years old.  Our leader is Heather Fabb.  We play with lots of toys and we socialise.

The Neons –   We are aged 3 to 7 years old.  (You can start in September after your 3rd birthday)  Our leader is Maureen.  We enjoy craft, stories, drama, singing and playing.

The Sparklers  – We are school years 3 to 6 inclusive.  Our leader is Yvonne Veal.  We have Bible Study using the Children’s Bible and we enjoy singing, crafts, games and cooking, as well as lots of other activities.

Plugged In  –  We are school years 7 to 13 inclusive.  Our leader is Lizzie Howells.  We enjoy Bible Study, and discussions;  we like to challenge and engage adults, and to socialise.

The Place (for school years 7-13) meets once a month on Sunday afternoons.   Leader:  Fiona Drysdale

Child Friendly Church Award

St John’s holds the Child Friendly Church Award and provides a safe and welcoming environment for children of all ages, with opportunities for young people to make their voices heard in a loving and supportive community.

TGIS Summer Camp

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