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Worship at St John’s


Autumn 2021-Summer 2022

Details of the individual services can be found on our Service Page.

As lockdown restrictions are lifted (or are they?) we are very much going “Into the Unknown.” No-one has ever been through a pandemic quite like Covid. No-one has ever had to move forward into an uncertain future quite like this one.  We cannot help wondering if there is someone Out There to guide us or whether we are on our own.

Our Autumn church services will be exploring stories from the past, looking at what is going on in the present and asking what we need to move into the future, confident that God is with us 

Take a look at the full programme by clicking on the box “Regular Worship.”   

We are also proud to be launching a totally new venture called, “Parallel Church.” This is an opportunity for anyone aged between 7 and 107 to choose between remaining in the church to explore the questions of the day through Bible reading and sermon or to engage in different forms of worship and learning, such as art and craft, drama, poetry, discussion etc.    Everyone will gather together in the main sanctuary of the church for the start of the service and come back together towards the end as one church family.  This is a step into the unknown for us and we are excited to discover what this new way of worshiping will bring to our church life – come and explore with us!.

Creche facilities and age-related activities for children aged 7 and under are offered, but there are also “family spaces” in the church where small children can play quietly whilst seated with their parents, if this is what you prefer.