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The Difference Jesus Makes

The difference Jesus makes…

 “To know the difference Jesus makes in our lives and to share this with others”

               ………..…… and what is the difference Jesus makes in our lives?

As Christians we believe that Jesus Christ was the incarnation of God:  God in human form.  What we see in Jesus is the reality of God.  From Jesus we learn that:

The world and its inhabitants come from God and belong to God.  We are not simply here by chance.

The human race has a responsibility to God:  to care for the world, for each other and for ourselves.  We cannot shrug our shoulders at evil, discrimination, poverty, injustice and destruction.

The way to justice, peace and productive living is not achieved through force and violence, but through love and self-sacrifice.

We can never be as good or as strong as we should be, but God is a God of love who forgives our faults and is always ready to give us another chance to get things right.

There is a lot about life that we do not understand and that can make us angry with God and resentful towards Him.  Jesus lived and died so that we could make our peace with God, with others and with ourselves.

Because Jesus rose again from death, we recognise that the power of God is stronger than all the powers of evil and no matter how little we understand, we trust God to give that same power to us in our lives.

And because Jesus lives forever, we believe that human life goes on through mortal death and beyond it.