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Church Services

Our church services are at 10:30 am and currently include online and “live” celebrations of Holy Communion (in which all are invited to share) and all-age Festival Services. We advise you to check the diary below regularly for details as to what is happening each Sunday as, during the current pandemic our worship arrangements have had to change and will remain subject to change. 

CHURCH SERVICES June to Sept 2021

WALKING THE WAY:  Starting From Scratch

As we slowly return to active church life and worship, a lot of what we once had will have gone and not return.  We are virtually rebuilding St John’s Church “from scratch.” This has been a recurring experience within the Christian faith community right from the start, so let’s see what we can learn.

CHURCH SERVICES Sept to Nov 2021

WALKING THE WAY:  Into The Unknown

No-one has ever been through a pandemic quite like Covid. No-one has ever had to move forward into an uncertain future quite like this one.  Is there someone there to lead us or are we on our own? 

Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic until Jun 2021 we have been pre-recording online services. A full library of past services are available by clicking here We are now purely live streaming the morning worship at 10:30 on Sunday via You Tube. This and previous “live” services can be found using this link You Tube

  • Details for each week’s service, including theme and bible reading, can be found in the diary entries below

24th October 2021
  • Morning Service - Into the Unknown -Growing Persistence

    24th October 2021  10:30 am - 11:30 am

    As well as confidence, we need persistence, so that we donot give up.                                                  

    Key Bible Story: Mark 10;46-52. A blind man won’t stop calling out toJesus for help, no matter how many people tell him to be quiet.

    Service in the church

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31st October 2021
  • Morning Service - Into the Unknown- Growing Loyalty.

    31st October 2021  10:30 am - 11:30 am

    As we go into the unknown we need to hold together, nomatter what. God never leaves us and we should not abandon one another.  

    KeyBible Story: Ruth 1;1-18. The start of a story about amazing family loyalty,which became an ”epic” in Jewish and Christian history.

    Service in the church

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7th November 2021
  • Morning Service - Into the Unknown-Growing Generosity

    7th November 2021  10:30 am - 11:30 am

    If we are to survive the Unknown we need to be generous insharing what we have and in believing in what we have.

    KeyBible Story: Mark 12;41-44. A poor woman gives what little she has to the workof God and Jesus says how much of a difference her gift will make.

    Service in the church

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14th November 2021
  • Morning Service - REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY: Growing Courage.

    14th November 2021  10:30 am - 11:30 am

    Bad things happen. Are we ready for them? Are we brave enough to face up to them? How does faith support us in times of crisis? 

    Key Bible Story: Mark 13;1-11. Jesus warns of turbulent times ahead and of the false ideologies which will cause war, natural disasters and disease. But he also promises power to overcome.  

    Parade Service in the church. THERE WILL BE NO ONLINE SERVICE

    At the end of the service we will be replanting the daffodil cross

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