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Elders Teams & Objectives

Elders Teams & Objectives

The Church and Community Team

To provide pastoral care and practical support to church run and sponsored organisation through the operation of a Link Visitors Scheme.

To encourage interaction between organisations and the church fellowship

To develop relations between St John’s and the community.

The Church and World Team

To work for God’s justice in society by supporting and promoting various charities and pressure groups, and be good stewards of the material resources of creation by practising environmentally friendly policies.

The Faith Development Team

To provide all members and adherents with the opportunities, means and encouragement to learn and grow in their Christian faith and discipleship.

The Fellowship Team

To provide opportunities for the whole congregation and wider community to enjoy fellowship throughout the year, with a sufficient variety of activities to meet the needs of all age groups and interests.

The  Pastoral Care Team

To manage and administer procedures for the provision of pastoral care to all members and adherents of St. John’s

The Publicity and Promotions Team

To publicise and promote the Christian faith and make St John’s Church known as a centre of Christian worship and fellowship.

The Worship Team

To be responsible for all aspects of worship as it affects the life of the church.

Our objective is to make worship touch peoples’ hearts and minds by being varied, relevant and stimulating

The Youth and Children’s Work

To share with our children and young people what our faith means to us and the difference it makes to our lives.  Our commitment is to provide a safe and secure environment with the best possible leadership and facilities.