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House Group

House Group

Groups meet to nurture and encourage one another in their faith

Meetings: Various dates, times and venues

House Group

There are a number of Housegroups that meet regularly. Their aim is to explore faith, discuss beliefs, life’s issues and listen to one another’s ideas and opinions. In our Discussion Groups we form lasting friendships, sharing coffee and cake in a sociable atmosphere. There is something for everyone.

“It’s a chance to ask silly questions in a safe setting”

“It’s where I can go to discuss and debate my views and opinions on all aspects of life and best of all it’s with some of the important people in my life.”

“It’s a fun and friendly environment to work through issues of faith”

All are welcome to our Discussion Groups you don’t have to be a church member to come along

Details of the Housegroups are in the monthly Church Newsletter

Nothing from 25th May 2024 to 25th July 2024.