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Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

The United Reformed Church Statement of Faith (agreed at the 1997 General Assembly)

We believe in the one and only God.  Eternal Trinity, from whom, through whom for whom all created things exist.   God alone we worship, in God we put our trust.

We worship God, source and sustainer of creation, whom Jesus called Father, whose sons and daughters we are.

We worship God revealed in Jesus Christ, the Eternal Word of God made flesh;   who lived our human life, died for sinners on the cross, who was raised from the dead, and proclaimed by the Apostles, Son of God, who lives eternally, as Saviour and Sovereign, coming in judgement and mercy, to bring us eternal life.

We worship God, ever present in the Holy Spirit, who brings this Gospel to fruition, assures us of forgiveness, strengthens us to do God’s will, and makes us sisters and brothers in Jesus, sons and daughters of God.

We believe in the one, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, united in heaven and on earth;  on earth, the Body of Christ, empowered by the Spirit to glorify God and to serve humanity, in heaven, eternally one with the power, the wisdom and the love of God in Trinity.

We believe that, in the fullness of time, God will renew and gather in one all things in heaven and on earth  through Christ, and be perfectly honoured and adored.

We rejoice in God who has given us being, who shares our humanity to bring us to glory, our source of prayer and power of praise, to whom be glory, praise and adoration now and for evermore.