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Online Services June-August 2020

Below is the current service. Services will be removed on Friday/Saturday and replaced with the forthcoming Service. This will not be available until 10 am on the Sunday. However the videos WILL remain on the website to be played at any time. They can be found at the bottom of this page (Please scroll down). Text copies of the sermons can be found in the sermons section of the website.

STOP PRESS THIS WEEK WE ARE “LIVE STREAMING” THE SERVICE ON FACEBOOK AT 10:30 ON SUNDAY SO WE CAN INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER. WHY NOT JOIN US THERE from 10.25 and join in a pre service chat. TYPE “@stjohnsorp” in your facebook page search if you do not know how to find us, or click HERE

We hope you have enjoyed our online Services to date, especially over the Easter period. If you would like to assist with the services by recording a prayer or the reading please contact the minister or use the “contact us ” link on the website


Base camps are places to stop and to re-assess the journey. Sometimes we create these Base Camps for ourselves and sometimes we find ourselves compelled to stop and to do some re-thinking. Jesus told many little stories about people’s everyday lives where they found themselves needing to stop, think and make a decision about their next step. These stories are called ‘parables” and have something to say to each one of us, wherever we are

Sunday June 14th. Starting a Journey : Story: Packing Your Bags, Involving the Beavers.

Sunday June 21st. Going For Gold Story: The Talents. ( Matthew 25; 14-27)

Sunday June 28th Taking Chances. Story: Mark 4, verses 1-9  The Sower and the seeds 

Sunday 5th July  Planning for Growth Story: Mark 4, verses 26-32 Seeds that grow and no-one knows why. Our Service will include an online celebration of Holy Communion.

Sunday 12th July ARE you worth it? Story: Lost sheep and lost coin (Luke 15, verses 3-10). Service led by Charlie Powell with some of our children and young people

Sunday 19th July  Seizing the Day  Story: Luke 14, verses 15-24  The story of the banquet

Sunday 26th July  Re- shaping the family Story:  The Father and his two sons. ( Luke 15, verses 11-32)

Sunday 2nd August Finding the Treasure  Story: Buried Treasure ( Matthew 13, verses 44-46) Our Service will include an online celebration of Holy Communion.

Sunday 9th August Discovering a Neighbour Story: Luke 10, verses 25-37  The Good Samaritan

Sunday 16th August The Missing Grapes Story: Mark 12, verses 1-12  The tenants of the vineyard

Sunday 23rd August Showing Off or Saying Sorry Story: Luke 18, verses 9-14 The two men praying

Sunday 30th August  Ready to Move On? Story: Matthew 5, verses 13-16  Salt and light for the world

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Previous Services

Copies of Previous Services are available below. Please click the drop down arrow on the Top Left Hand Side and select the Service you wish to view. Click HERE to go to the VIMEO website as an alternative