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Online Services Jan – Feb 2021

Below is the current service. Services will generally be removed on Friday/Saturday and replaced with the forthcoming Service. This will not be available until 10 am on the Sunday. However the videos WILL remain on the website to be played at any time. They can be found at the bottom of this page (Please scroll down). Text copies of the sermons can be found in the sermons section of the website.

WE ARE “LIVE STREAMING” THE SERVICE ON FACEBOOK AT 10:30 ON SUNDAY SO WE CAN INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER. WHY NOT JOIN US THERE from 10.20 and join in a pre service chat. TYPE “@stjohnsorp” in your facebook page search if you do not know how to find us, or click HERE

We hope you have enjoyed our online Services to date. If you would like to assist with the services by recording a prayer or the reading please contact the minister or use the “contact us ” link on the website



As I travel through the bad and good, keep me travelling the way I should, where I see no way to go, you’ll be telling me the way I know.

The first part of the year is the season of Epiphany. And “Epiphany” means a moment of sudden insight when we see things differently. It all sounds great, but these moments of sudden insight will sometimes come AFTER we have made a bad choice rather than before and we think “if only we had known…..” Our prayer then, for these weeks of Walking the Way is that God will help us to make the right choices in our lives. It is not always a case of one way being “good” and the other way being “bad” but more a case of what is right for us at this particular point in our lives
Where I see no way to go, you’ll be telling me the way I know.

Sunday January 3rd Choices: To Stay Put or To Move On?
The story of the Magi tells of people choosing to move out of their comfort zone to follow a star. Was it the right choice?

Sunday January 10th Choices: Which road?
What do you do when you want to move forward but you don’t know which road is the right one to take? Jesus heard God telling him “You are my beloved Son” but did this show him the right road?

Sunday January 17th Choices: Who do we trust?
ALL AGE service, asking who are the people we trust to keep us safe and tell us the truth?

Sunday January 24th Choices: Speak Up or Keep Quiet?
Jonah was faced with a city with a reputation for violence and corruption. What could he say that anyone would listen to? Surely, he would only get his head kicked in?

Sunday January 31st Your Choice- a totally different style of worship.
Will you love it or hate it? The only way to find out is to join in. Watch this space!

Sunday February 7th Choices: Change the world or change myself?
Paul-adaptable. Becoming all things to all people

Sunday February 14th Choices: Love or Be Loved?
ALL AGE service for Valentine’s Day

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