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Online Services Autumn 2020

Below is the current service. Services will be removed on Friday/Saturday and replaced with the forthcoming Service. This will not be available until 10 am on the Sunday. However the videos WILL remain on the website to be played at any time. They can be found at the bottom of this page (Please scroll down). Text copies of the sermons can be found in the sermons section of the website.

STOP PRESS THIS WEEK WE ARE “LIVE STREAMING” THE SERVICE ON FACEBOOK AT 10:30 ON SUNDAY SO WE CAN INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER. WHY NOT JOIN US THERE from 10.20 and join in a pre service chat. TYPE “@stjohnsorp” in your facebook page search if you do not know how to find us, or click HERE

We hope you have enjoyed our online Services to date. If you would like to assist with the services by recording a prayer or the reading please contact the minister or use the “contact us ” link on the website


Our life journey is a series of “steps.”

Whether or not we are aiming for a particular goal in life, we never remain static and the steps we take will always move us toward a destination we may hardly be aware of. And, with so much choice in life (not to mention danger), how can we hope to take each step in the right direction? Sydney Carter’s famous song, “One more step along the world I go……from the old things to the new…keep me travelling along with You,” is our theme song for this final year of exploring what it means to Walk the Way and Live the Life of Jesus today.

SEPTEMBER-NOVEMBER  From the old things to the new….

September 6th  All Change: No Way Back

So much has changed. How do we cope with a whole new life-landscape to negotiate?

Paul and his PPE… (Romans 13, verses 8-14)

Holy Communion Service

September 13th   All Change: New Directions 

Revd. Margaret Collins celebrates her Silver Jubilee in Ordained Ministry and reflects on Genesis 12; 1-3  God’s message to Abram and Hebrews 6;  13-19.  We can be sure of God’s promise when He calls us to change direction.

September 20th All Change: Your Life-Map

Thinking about life transitions: starting school/ changing school/ leaving school. New friends and relationships. How do these look when everything is working differently? The story of Ruth in the Bible and how her life-map changed dramatically.

All-Age “Parade” Service with the Explorers, including an interview with Sam Knight, as he prepares to leave for University.                             

September 27th All Change: Destination Unwanted.                                                              

What to do when things look bad. Coping with the fears, frustrations, trials and tragedies of the Pandemic.  In Acts 12, verses 1-17, Peter actually escapes from prison but no-one believes it….

October 4th   All Change: Re-setting the Sat Nav

Sometimes we are compelled to take a different route in life and our “sat-nav” needs to be re-set.  In Acts 8, verses 26-40, Jesus’ disciple Phillip goes on the run but has a surprise. 

October 11th All Change: Harvest with a Difference 

Can we celebrate the earth and be generous in the face of a pandemic? The Creation Hymn in Genesis 1 suggests that the world is a beautiful gift of God to us. What has gone wrong?   

All-Age “Parade” Service with the Guides and a collection of gifts for the Foodbank.

October 18th  All Change: Renewed Mission

Looking at how the Christian faith and Christian communities have made a difference during the Pandemic. Paul’s letter to the church in Thessalonica (1 Thessalonians 1, verses 1-9) celebrates the miraculous way in which faith has spread even from a hard-pressed local church. 

With Guest Preacher, Revd David Skitt.                                                                                                             

October 25th  All Change: Finding Faces behind Masks

Learning that there is more to people than we can first see. In Acts 9, verses 19-28, the Christians are scared of Paul because he had been their deadly enemy and they cannot believe he has changed. Only Barnabus is willing to take a chance on Paul and brings him into the Christian community.  

November 1st   All Change:  The Church we want to be. 

Are “The saints” calling us back to the good old days or sending us on to the better new days? Peter learned God’s definition of “church.” Acts 11, verses 1-17       

Holy Communion on All Saints Day

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