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Online Services Easter-June 2021

Below is the current service. Services will generally be removed on Friday/Saturday and replaced with the forthcoming Service. This will not be available until 10 am on the Sunday. However the videos WILL remain on the website to be played at any time. They can be found at the bottom of this page (Please scroll down). Text copies of the sermons can be found in the sermons section of the website.

WE ARE “LIVE STREAMING” THE SERVICE ON FACEBOOK AT 10:30 ON SUNDAY SO WE CAN INTERACT WITH EACH OTHER. WHY NOT JOIN US THERE from 10.20 and join in a pre service chat. TYPE “@stjohnsorp” in your facebook page search if you do not know how to find us, or click HERE

We hope you have enjoyed our online Services to date. If you would like to assist with the services by recording a prayer or the reading please contact the minister or use the “contact us ” link on the website



Give me courage when the world is rough; keep me loving though the world is tough; lea

This will be our final exploration of “Walking The Way: One More step. “

This will be our final exploration of “Walking The Way: One More step “ taking us back into the church we knew and forward into something very different.
You are older than the world can be, you are younger than the life in me. Ever old and ever new. Keep me travelling along with you.”

All Services led by our Minister unless otherwise noted

Sunday 18th April: Taking the Old into the New” -Online Service  
Key Passage: Luke 24, verses 36-49.
Jesus appears to his disciples and shows them the wounds in his hand and feet. The past will always be a part of us. But Jesus shows us that scars can be signs of forgiveness and power.

Sunday 25th April:  Learning to be loved   Online Service  
Key Passage: John 21, verses15-17
Nurture in faith, one step at a time. Jesus asks Peter to “feed my sheep.” But Peter will have nothing to give unless he accepts Jesus love for him. Love needs love in order to survive and thrive

Sunday 2nd May: What about him? Online Service, to include Holy Communion.
Key passage: John 21, verses 18-22
How can we discern what God wants of us, whilst we keep comparing ourselves to others? Creating our own faith map.

Sunday 9th May:  Dreamers of Dreams. Droughts and Dams.
10:30amService IN CHURCH (Online from 10am)
An All-Age service to launch Christian Aid Week, with contributions from our Beavers
Dreaming of a world which looks like the kingdom of God.                   

Sunday 16th May: Signing Up  Ascension Sunday
10:30am Service IN CHURCH (Online from 10am)
Accepting a Commission- the first step
Key Passage: Matthew 28, verses 16-20. As Jesus prepares to leave his disciples, he also prepares to remain with them as they “sign up” to his Great Commission.

Sunday 23rd May: The PowerPack  Pentecost Sunday.
10:30am Service in Church (Online from 10am)
Surprising Ourselves, one step at a time Key Passage: Acts 2, verses1-21. Jesus’ disciples find themselves gifted with amazing power

 Sunday 30th May: Born Again? Trinity Sunday. Jenny Sheehan Lay Preacher
10:30am Service in Church (Online from 10am) led by Jenny Sheehan
Experiencing new life, one step at a time
Key Passage: John 3, verses 1-17. The miracle of re-birth in the place where you are

Sunday 6th June: Raised Again?    

10:30am Service in Church (Online from 10am)
Emerging from spiritual lockdown: the first steps
Key Passage: Ezekiel 37, verses 1-14. The miracle of resurrection in the place where you are.

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