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Minister’s March Letter

Dear Friends,

This is going to be a short letter because I need you to read through all the information about our Lent and Easter programme of worship and discussion. As I have said in the introduction to our March Church services, Lent has always been a time during which Christian believers engage in some serious reflection about life and faith and that this year we need, as a church family, to engage together in serious reflection about the future of our church.

The Worship and Faith development teams have put together a programme which gives us the opportunity to explore some of the challenging questions which regularly crop up in Christian life. And we shall ask each of these  questions from three perspectives: “about me; about Christ; about St John’s.” I think you would agree that before we start talking about our church, we need to think about our own personal faith and about the Christian faith and its message for the world. For the church exists to build us up in our individual faith and to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

Please take every opportunity you can to join our worship and our times of discussion. If you are unable to get out very much at present then do pray through the questions we are asking and pray for each other and for the future of our church.

There will also be a CHURCH MEETING after the service on March 6th, from 11:45-12:45. This will be an opportunity to hear more about the proposed electrical re-wiring (and what it will cost…) and a chance to discuss our vision and plans for future youth and children’s work. Please make sure you are there if you possibly can be.

Have a “Blessed” season of Lent and may we all come through it refreshed in our faith and filled with hope for our future.

With love and good wishes to you all,


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