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Minister’s June Newsletter

My Dear Friends,
What a truly wonderful day we enjoyed on 30th April! Although I was sadder than I can say at coming to the end of my professional ministry and my time with you at St John’s, you all came together to make it a real celebration of joy and thankfulness.
My special thanks to the Church Secretaries for all the planning and preparation they had done (some with my knowledge and some without…); to John Castle, Lesley Clare and the Music Group for the truly inspiring music in our worship; to Johnstone and Jon, former Church Secretaries for taking part with the readings; to all the duty Elders, stewards, AV, flower arrangers etc for a large amount of extra work on that day; to Andy Clare and his team for organising lunch for something like 180 people; and to you ALL for your loving and enthusiastic support on the day (even forgiving me for “away, far beyond Jordan”), loving cards and messages, especially from those who could not be with us and of course for your most generous gifts. For those of you not in the know, the “special edition” book I was given was The Tale of Peter Rabbit from the Warne Archive Collection, including a copy of the original pencil drawings and writings by Beatrix Potter. It is very lovely, thank-you. And the scrapbook, in which so many of you had written messages will be one of my most treasured possessions (once I can stop the tears blurring my vision as I read it). The cheque was breathtakingly generous, and I do appreciate it and the love that it represents.
As you know, I have not yet found a home in which to retire but I remain grateful for your prayers and hopefully I shall have some good news to pass on before too long. In the meanwhile, I shall be staying in Suffolk much of the time but coming back to The Manse regularly until such time as I am finally able to move.
St John’s has been a wonderful church to work with and, although the months ahead may not be easy for you, they do stand every chance of being exciting and fruitful if you all remain loving and committed to God and to your church. Please hold the faith. Please keep laughing. Please take care of each other. I have a huge love and respect for you all. I shall miss you so very much, but I pray that God will hold you and keep you in His love and inspire you with the power of His Spirit.
God Bless You,
With my love and warmest good wishes,

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