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Celebrating 50 years of Faith, Hope and Love in the United Reformed Church

In October 2022 it will be fifty years since the United Reformed Church came into being: a union of two ancient, reformed traditions in the Christian church- Presbyterian and Congregational. After centuries of church division and sub-division, here was a union, formed in faith, in hope and in love.
St John’s URC is proud to be a member congregation of that union, upholding the reformed traditions of freedom of thought, breadth of theology, diversity in worship and inclusivity in membership, rooted in the word of the Bible discerned under the guidance of the ever-inspiring Holy Spirit.
This year we celebrate our Jubilee and, to mark the occasion, we re-planted our famous “Daffodil Cross,” symbol of faith, hope and love in our neighbourhood.
Join us for our church services at 10:30am every Sunday.

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