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WALKING THE WAY: THE IN BETWEEN PLACES – A message from the Minister

During the weeks after Easter we look at the transition places in our lives. For Jesus’ disciples, one way of life had come to an end, but the next stage had not yet taken shape. They lived with uncertainty but also with a growing expectation. For they were experiencing both death and resurrection.

We too are in an “in between place” as we move from “life before the virus” to “life after the virus” and no-one knows quite what is going to happen.  Can we learn how to live with uncertainty and also with hope? 

God bless and keep you all,


Sunday April 19th  No Going Back

Learning that you cannot re-create the past. Bible Story: John 20; 24-29 

Sunday April 26th  Dusting off the Dreams

When you have to re-examine your ambitions. Bible Story: Luke 24; 13-35 

Sunday May 3rd  Learning how to Listen

Taking notice of a new voice with a new direction. Bible Story: John 21, verses 1-14

Sunday May 10th Recognising Relationships    

Finding new relationships with different people. Bible Story: John 21; 15-22

Celebrating our Pastoral Visitors.

Sunday May 17th   Every Last Drop

Service to celebrate Christian Aid Week.

Sunday May 24th Loving, so Letting Go

Moving through huge life-changes. Bible Story: Acts 1; 1-11.

(Ascension Sunday)

Sunday May 31st    Still Here….. 

Finding the gifts and strength we need to pick up our lives after a crisis.

Bible Story: Acts 2, 1-8, 13-18, 22-25, 36-39

(Pentecost Sunday)

Sunday June 7th Living The Life 

Re-discovering truth, beauty and meaning in life again.

Bible Inspiration: Psalm 8

(Trinity Sunday)

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