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Sunday Fun Club

Sunday Fun Club Fifth Birthday

It seems amazing that Sunday Fun Club has been running for five years now!  Carol Hepden and I undertook to run Fun Club for a year and then see how things stood.  The Elders agreed that the church would support us financially.  We got started on a massive advertising campaign sending leaflets to uniformed organisations, Perry Hall School and  houses in roads round the church.   In February 2015 we welcomed our first young people.

Every year we hold a birthday party in February but this year it was  rather special being a fifth birthday.  We had a magnificent buffet prepared by Annette Mace.  Of course, we had the traditional birthday cake made by Yvonne Veal and we asked the youngest three children to blow out the candles.  The children enjoyed eating the buffet food and took the cake home in their party bags.

We played several traditional party games such as musical bumps and musical statues. Thanks goes to Margaret Collins for rescuing us by playing the piano when my CD player turned out not to be loud enough.  We also played several team ball games with Beech team under the leadership of Lilly Woodgate being the overall winners.

It was great fun when we got out a very decorative Pinata.  Initially Charlie tried to keep the Pinata out of reach of the blindfolded children who were trying to hit it with rolled up newspapers.  It turned out to be far more robust than it looked and I think Charlie had to help break it in the end so the children could have the small gifts inside.

The culmination of the party was prayers led by Charlie with everybody pulling their party poppers together on Amen

Thanks goes to Margaret Collins, Karen Morbin, Annette Mace and of course Charlie for everything that they did to make the party so successful.

 If you have a child aged between 6 and 11 years that would like to join Fun Club then please speak to Yvonne Veal or Sonya Dey.

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