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St John’s in the Pandemic – Week 9

Dear Friends

              Whilst preparing to listen to our online service on Sunday it struck me that maybe I should check my kilt for moths – after all it has been 9 weeks since it last had an outing.  However, life goes on at St John’s or at least within our community just not as we have known it in the past.  I hope you all enjoyed our Brownies as they took part in perhaps the strangest Parade Service we have had this year.  A great big thank you to them, Rachel and Charlie for making it happen.  A copy of Jennifer’s sermon and the conversations with Mair and Tina is here and I hope that you have followed our Minister’s advice to say a big Thank You to your Pastoral Visitor, as we also celebrated their much-appreciated ministry at this time. 

We have even had a Scout and Guide Lockdown camp over the Bank Holiday weekend where we had 40 plus hardy souls camping out at home in their back gardens or in their bedrooms in makeshift dens and tents.  And a great time was had by all; we have the photographs to prove it!

I hope you all enjoyed the quiz hoisted by our very own Charlie on Sunday afternoon.  I don’t feel so bad now having only scored 10 points in total.  But it was great fun and brought some modicum of normal life back to our homes.  If we can have online services and take part in quizzes in our own homes there is hope for us all yet!  Not to mention all the team meetings and house groups that are soldiering on online as well.  Who said St John’s was closed?

The Elders passed two resolutions at their recent Elders Meeting online.  One was that the Church AGM be postponed until 8th July (but with the thought that it may well be postponed beyond that date).  The second was that the Church Open Day on October 10th be cancelled.  Paul Gill and his team have worked so hard to organise this event but as you will understand, the groups taking part would have to be organising their activities and participation before the summer and this is simply not possible. We hope to celebrate this event at some future date.

We are delighted to announce that Lesley Clare has accepted the nomination from Church Members to become our new Church and World Elder.  Please pray for her as she works to take over her new role from Lizzie Howells who has carried out some wonderful work during her tenure as C&W Elder over the last 7 years.  Lizzie of course is stepping down early and we send her (and Jon and Naomi) our best wishes for the new addition to their family.

If you were watching our service on Sunday you will have heard me mention Jennifer’s idea of doing something creative with our church fence.  So we are launching LOCK DOWN OPEN UP and inviting anyone to share their symbols of Faith, Hope and Love by putting them on our fence.  This can be as simple as tying a ribbon to the fence or as creative as the banners that Tina, our Church Secretary, is putting up.  See how inventive or creative you can be and help share our message of Faith, Hope and Love with our local community.

Coronavirus continues to affect our friends.  We have just heard that Sheila McIntosh, one of our past members of Friendship Club had a fall and was taken to hospital.  Unfortunately she contracted the dreaded virus whilst in hospital and died last week.  Please remember her daughter Julie and the rest of the family in your prayers this week.

Please pass on this message to anyone you know who either is not on our email list or indeed to any neighbours or friends who need comfort and support at this worrying time.  And if you feel the need for specific Prayers to be said for yourself, your loved ones or the community please remember you can request these through the website, your pastoral visitor or by simply texting a message to 07856 851045.

Take care and stay safe


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