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St John’s in the Pandemic Week 2

A message from the Church secretaries

24 March 2020

Dear Friends

I am sure that you will all have seen the restrictions put on British life because of the worsening situation with Coronavirus and do not need to be reminded that we are all asked to take more care, wash our hands and stay at home as much as possible to try to reduce the effect and spread of the virus.

So it is with an even heavier and sadder heart that I am informing you that, as of today, the doors of St John’s will be closed for the foreseeable future.  It will not even be possible for you to pray in private in Church.  These are strange days indeed.

I hope you all tuned in to our Short Mothering Sunday service on Sunday.  We hope to produce a further service again for this Sunday featuring Jennifer and Charlie.  It will be even more challenging this time as we cannot get cast and producers together.  But fear not – our gallant St John’s team will undoubtedly rise to the occasion once again.  I will send out a link later in the week but it should be available again through a link on the website at

If you feel you need more spiritual uplift there are many resources available via the Internet but may I direct you to the URC Daily Devotions system which you can reach at and there is a very good digital Christian radio station at UCB Radio which you can also tune into on line. 

If you feel the need for specific Prayers to be said for yourself, your loved ones or the community please remember you can request these through the website, your pastoral visitor or by simply texting a message to 07856 851045.  

And in this trying time when we need to show solidarity all churches have received a request from Cardinal Koch, setting out the Pope’s desire for all Christians to pray the Lord’s Prayer tomorrow (25 March) at 11am GMT (12pm Rome time).  Our strength is in our prayer so why not add your prayers to those around the world tomorrow morning.

There is also an appeal for funds for the Foodbank.  If you have any questions about this I would suggest you talk directly with Andy Clare.  The Foodbank will have its own struggles through this Pandemic but once it is over it will have even more struggles to ensure its future.  Anything you can do to help it financially will be very welcome.

I will continue to provide an update on a weekly basis as a minimum.  And please pass on this message to anyone you know who either is not on our email list or indeed to any neighbours or friends who need comfort and support at this worrying time.

Take care and stay safe


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