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Dear Friends

Sunday Services

Well here we are 15 weeks into the Lockdown and Boris says we can relax the 2m rule, go to pubs, restaurants, cinemas…  Do you realise that next Monday will mark 100 days since we entered lockdown?  And perhaps we may be able to worship again at St John’s although if it’s without singing that will be “interesting”.  We are waiting for more detailed advice both from the Government and from the URC before entering into discussions with the church membership as to when and how we reopen church life.  We’ll let you know when there’s anything to report.  Until then enjoy our online services.

Did you enjoy the parable of the talents as portrayed by the Brown family? Brings a new perspective to Jesus’s original tale.  And I thought Jennifer’s sermon was very thought provoking in how people view differently the ogre of making money.  Watch out for the next Parable this Sunday, and in the coming weeks.  Just tune in to our service this Sunday, from 10:00 on demand on the website or live from 10:25 on Facebook. We are always glad to “see” you and know that you are with us. And do invite friends, family and neighbours to “join us” too. It is a good and very “non-threatening” way of introducing them to the Christian faith and to the Christian church.

This Sunday again we will have a Zoom coffee and chat session after church at about 11:15 so we will all have the opportunity to catch up with what we have all got up to over the last week, decide what we really think of the reduction of social distancing ….   Look out for my email on Sunday morning with the link to the session.  See you all there!

Link here to a copy of Jennifer’s sermon from last Sunday.

Youth and Children

For all the children and young people out there link here to the resource sheet for this  Sunday.


This week Amy Kelly celebrated her birthday on 23rd  June and Olivia Stevens will be 8 on the 28th June.   Happy Birthday to you both .  Maybe you can celebrate with a picnic in this glorious weather.

And Ann Bone celebrates her birthday on Friday.  Not so much a milestone one but sort of midway as it were.  I will leave it to Ann to tell you how young she actually is.

And congratulations to Ben Gill, our Beaver Leader who got engaged this week to Sophie Wilson.   Congratulations, and all our love and prayers for both of you.  

Please remember that Jennifer is on a well-deserved break this week.  So if you have any concerns, pastoral or otherwise, over the next week then please speak to either the Church Secretaries or our two Pastoral Elders.

Please pass on this message to anyone you know who either is not on our email list or indeed to any neighbours or friends who need comfort and support at this worrying time.  And if you feel the need for specific Prayers to be said for yourself, your loved ones or the community please remember you can request these through the website, your pastoral visitor or by simply texting a message to 07856 851045.

Take care and stay safe


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