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SOLACE is an hour length meeting of contemplative prayer and meditation.  A few of St John’s have met once a month over the last few years and found this type of worship to be deeply beneficial.  We spend time with the Examen Prayer,  a prayer which helps you to think about the past day or past period in your life.  Sitting still in the silence by yourself allows you to remember so many things that have happened, experiences and feelings come to mind that have been overlooked.  Laying these before the Lord and seeking His guidance help you see the day in a different light.  At the end of the Examen Prayer there is a time to consider tomorrow.  Then there is a Bible verse or a short passage to meditate upon.   Here again guidance is given as to how to contemplate the passage and find a deeper meaning or maybe what that passage is saying to you the present days. 

Chris Fosten is now preparing a weekly Solace and you will be able to join in by clicking on the link which will take you straight to Chris’s weekly message.   Please go to:

In these days we need to calm our anxious spirits, take time out from the life that is now imposed upon us.  If you consider trying Solace then you may find that this quiet space will give you strength and re-energise you for the coming days.   

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