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We have been contacted by a number of people who give to the Food Bank on a regular basis asking what they can do to help as they cannot find food to buy or even have the opportunity to get to the shops. Obviously food donations are down and the demand has reached alarming proportions with some anger and abuse directed at our volunteers. If you wish to make a regular or one off donation please use the link below.

Go to our website
2. Click on “give help”
3. Click on “donate money”
4. Then click on “donate online” either regular giving or one-off gifts and fill in the details

There is a separate place to find a Gift Aid form that can be printed off and given to Andrew Clare.

Thank you for your kind generosity and we ask you to pray about the work we are doing and for the volunteers who are experiencing very stressful times. Most of the beneficiaries are so grateful but some are not so patient.

Andy Clare

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