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Accessible Christianity – May


Given that the majority of people nowadays seldom, if ever, set foot in a church and know nothing about the Christian faith, the only way they are likely to learn anything true about it is by talking with you!

The Elders recently looked at the kind of questions/challenges we might face as we go about our everyday lives. They were not easy to answer, especially as we are generally totally   unprepared for what is coming.

So, we thought we would give you the opportunity to think and talk about these questions in the privacy of your own home, with a friend or in a House Group. There will be two questions per month over the next seven months. See how you get on.

Your twenty year old ”child” is a university student and is telling you,

 “I’m sorry Mum/Dad but I just don’t want to go to our church anymore. It does not seem to have any relevance to the world I live in. At              University we talk about Trump, ecological catastrophes, the number of people sleeping on the streets, religious terrorism, the suicide rate amongst young people and the lack of mental health care. These are things which matter to us.  And I cannot see that the church has               anything to do with any of it.”

You are taking part in the Walk of Witness down Orpington High Street on Good Friday Morning and the person to whom you have just handed a chocolate egg and greeting card from the local churches asks,

What is all this about then? Something religious?  What’s special about Good Friday?”

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